Cash Management

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Allows sub accounts (e.g. payroll) to carry a zero balance while utilizing monies more efficiently by either earning interest or maintaining a higher balance in the general checking account. Monies are automatically transferred to the ZBA to cover incoming items.

The ZBA provides centralized cash control and eliminates the need to transfer money between accounts which makes fund consolidation much easier.

Line Sweep Manager

Monies are automatically transferred from a line of credit into your business checking account when needed. Excess funds over the predetermined target balance will be used to pay the line of credit.

Remote Deposit

Scan your checks at the end of your business day and transmit the deposit securely to your bank account without leaving your office or business. Contact any of our business banking professionals for a demonstration of this innovative system.


Allow us to process your daily mail payments. We will pick them up from a post office box designated by First Bank and process your payments, giving you quicker access to your funds, while eliminating the work in-house. Scanned copies of your items are e-mailed to you daily. Safe and secure.

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Merchant Services Mastercard/Visa

Allows your business to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, gift cards and check verification. Equipment can be purchased or leased.

Positive Pay

Being able to see checks before they are posted to the account allows you to deter fraud. You decide what is paid that day.

E-ACH Service

Our convenient E-ACH Service gives you desktop access to initiate, verify, and delete transactions from your PC. Use E-ACH in many ways, including distribution of employee payroll checks or payment to vendors. With electronic processing, you will move funds faster, lower the risk of errors and fraud, and manage your cash without the cost of paper checks.

Online Banking

Did You Know?

You can deposit checks online using a scanner. You can deposit checks online.
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