Launch Your Products In Viral Launch At A Reasonable Rate

Hey, what are you launching this autumn? Share something about your collection.

But where are you going to share stuffs about your product? Is it on any local retail store?

Buddy, its 21st century! Grow up! Update yourself.

Why don’t you take the help of Viral Launch coupon? And secondly, stop thinking of selling your product locally. When the whole world can be accessed through the internet, why don’t you think of a smarter method? Launch your product in Amazon.

Honestly, after hearing of something new, the first thing that strikes your mind is price. Well, this is inevitable.

You need not panic about the price of Viral Launch.

In Viral Launch, the price charged is divided according to the phases through which your product passes. Generally, before launching a product, it passes through three stages. They are:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research

Want to know the pricing strategy of each? Then, keep reading.

Let’s deal with each step.

  • Product Discovery

This is the first step in launching your product in Viral Launch. In this step, the Viral Launch software firsts look for products that potentially match with yours. The products that they shortlist matches exactly with your business goals.

  • Market Intelligence

Now, you have to check whether your new product is suitable for the market. So, an in-depth analysis of products of the market is carried out here.

  • Keyword Research

This is the final lap. Like your product, there are thousands of other products. Why will buyers pick your product? This is where keyword research plays a vital role. It attaches your product with the right keyword. Next, it tallies your product with the others in the market.

But what about the pricing strategy? Hold on. We’ll go one by one.  

For all the three steps, the pricing strategy is the same. You get to pay in two processes:

  • Annually
  • Monthly

All the users and prospective users out there, Viral Launch has a good news for you. There’s an offer! Pay annually at a time and get free service for two months. Did you hear it? Free service for two months! How attractive an offer! Do not let it go.

The Product Discovery phase is categorized into four stages.

  1. Product Discovery Beginner ($ 24 / month)
  2. Intermediate ($ 49 / month)
  3. Advanced ($ 66 / month)
  4. Pro ($ 83 / month)

The more you opt for, the more you get. The services include product idea score, pinned ideas, product search, relevance and priority score, etc.

Further, the Market Intelligence phase too has four divisions.

  1. Market Intelligence ($ 17 / month)
  2. Advanced ($ 49 / month)
  3. Advanced ($ 66 / month)
  4. Pro ($ 83 / month)

Services include search trends, search volume, sales estimates, chrome extension and many more.

Lastly, the Keyword Research phase too has some divisions.

  1. Keyword Research Intermediate ($ 24 / month)
  2. Keyword Research Advanced ($ 41 / month)
  3. Pro ($ 83 / month)

This season, launch your new products in amazon at a reasonable rate. Enjoy the profits!

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